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It's not on the autobuild page, they have a development thread for porting it over to the SX50 that has been going for quite some time, and it seems to have stalled to a degree as far as further work. The latest build they have has been attached at the bottom of page 11, there are two versions intended for two different firmwares. There is a 100b and a 100c firmware on these cameras, and there is a specific build for each. You must follow the guide to find out your firmware version, then install the appropriate version using the "bootable SD card method" found here - Short tutorial - You must find out your own firmware version by placing a file on your SD card named ver. Take note of whether you have 100b or 100c firmware when it flashes your serial number and firmware information. Now that you know your firmware version we can chdk прошивка для canon. First, download the appropriate CHDK version from the development thread. Second, partition the SD card to be used in your camera. Then, use EOScard download available on the wiki page to partition your SD card to FAT32 for cards larger than 4GB. If chdk прошивка для canon than 4GB, use CardTricks, but you will need to format it to FAT16 instead in order to make the card bootable. Unpack the appropriate version of CHDK for your firmware onto the root of your SD card. Put EVERYTHING that came in the compressed folder on the root of the SD card. Lock the SD card by sliding the write lock switch to the lock position, and put it in your camera, you're done! CHDK automatically over rides the locked card and will still write to it, the lock simply tells it to autoboot CHDK from the card every time you power on the camera. You should now get a CHDK splash screen on boot up, and it should boot into play mode instead of camera mode. A half press of the shutter while booting up or at any time put's the camera into camera mode instead. Chdk прошивка для canon - I was unfamiliar with CHDK, so did not know that the over rides do not show the proper settings until a half shutter press has been performed. It led me to ask chdk прошивка для canon how to get the over rides to work, only to be stumped because I had already tried their suggestions in the manual. Just an FYI for anyone else that uses the manual focus whenever they can, that is why I did not realize this immediately! Chdk прошивка для canon F Forum P Previous N Next W Next unread U Upvote Chdk прошивка для canon Subscribe R Reply Q Quote B Bookmark post M My threads All content, design, and layout chdk прошивка для canon Copyright © 1998 - 2016 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in chdk прошивка для canon or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

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